Flags and Symbols of Ethiopia 4

With the formal abolishment of the Monarchy by proclamation a few months later, the lion was completely removed from the flag, and the complex Derg emblem began to be displayed in the middle of the flag as a government banner. (Image of the first Derg era flag coming soon).
Upon the proclamation of the Peoples Democratic Republic of Ethiopia by the Derg in 1985, a new complicated official coat of arms was placed at the center of the flag. It depicted the Axum obelisk surmounted by a five point star on a blue field,with a cog wheel at the base, flanked by olive branches. Above appear the words in Ge-ez alphabet, “Hizbawi Democrasiawi Repooblic Ityopia” (Peoples Democratic Republic of Ethiopia) This can be referred to as the second Derg era flag.
Upon the fall of the communist regime and the proclamation of the new Federal Republic in the early 1990’s, yet another emblem featuring a yellow pentagram on a blue circular field has replace the Lion at the center of the national tricolor flag. This is the flag presently used by the Federal Republic of Ethiopia.
Emperor Menelik II and Emperor Haile Selassie both used their monograms as personal emblems. Emperor Menelik used the ge-ez letter meh (the first letter of his name) surmounted with a crown. Emperor Haile Selassie used the entwined letters Ke Ha and Seh, (for Kedamawi Haile Selassie, or Haile Selassie the First) sometimes surmounted with a crown and sometimes without. He was often rreferredto as Kehas for short. Emperor Menelik’s consort, Empress Taitu’s clever monogram was the letter Ta surrounded by sun rays as her emblem. Her name Taitu when translated means “the Sun” and she had the additional honorific title of “Berhan ze Ityopia” or “Light of Ethiopia” so the sun rays played on those connections.
Emperor Haile Selassie used a three point star with three linked rings as a personal emblem. The three point star was known as the Trinity Star, and symbolized the Holy Trinity for whom the Emperor was named (his baptismal name Haile Selassie means “Power of the Trinity”).