Flags and Symbols of Ethiopia 2

Flags and Symbols of Ethiopia
Front of Imperial Standard
Flags and Symbols of Ethiopia
Back of Imperial Standard

The Imperial Standard is the Ethiopian Flag (horizontal Green, Yellow, and Red stripes) St. George slaying the Dragon on the front of the flag. Surrounded with the chain of the Order of Solomon’s seal, and the Lion of Judah on the back. The Ethiopian Star of Solomon (Star of David with a Cross Centered on it) would appear on each corner of the standard, front and back. The Imperial Standard was draped on the coffin of Emperor Haile Selassie, and can be seen in the pictures of his funeral on the web pages covering this event linked below in the special Funeral section of this page. St. George was one of Ethiopia’s Patron Saints, and was associated particularly with the Imperial Family and with the Imperial military forces as well. The Battle of Adwa in 1896 which resulted in a resounding victory of Ethiopia over the colonial forces of Italy took place on the feast day of St. George, and it is this event that inspired both the construction of Addis Ababa’s St. George Cathedral (Kidus Giorgis) and the placement of this Saint on the Imperial Standard, and on the Standard of the Imperial Army. A very large mosaic of St. George was part of the facade of the Parliament building in Addis Ababa, but it was painted over by the Derg regime following the revolution of 1974, and it remains painted over today.

Emperor Haile Selassie used a three point star with three linked rings as a personal emblem. The three point star was known as the Trinity Star, and symbolized the Holy Trinity for whom the Emperor was named (his baptismal and regnal name Haile Selassie means “Power of the Trinity”).